Australian Shark Attack Movie ‘Great White’ Swimming to U.S. Theaters and VOD in July

“Great White, inspired by true events, taps into our most primal fear of the deep, and delivers the stuff of nightmares in the form of the ocean’s most dangerous apex predator.”

The film follows the story of seaplane operators and lovers, Kaz Fellows (Katrina Bowden) and Charlie Brody (Aaron Jakubenko), along with their passengers, Joji Minase (Tim Kano), his wife Michelle (Kimie Tsukakoshi), and cook Benny (Te Kohe Tuhaka), who take a flight to the picturesque Hell’s Reef

Killer croc thriller 'Black Water: Abyss' to reopen cinemas

While Screen Media will release the survival thriller Black Water: Abyss this coming August, Altitude is unleashing the killer crocs on audiences in UK theaters this coming July 10th.

In Black Water: Abyss, “A group of friends explore a remote cave system deep in the forests of Northern Australia when a tropical storm hits. As rising floodwaters trap them deep below the surface, something even deadlier emerges from the darkness – killer crocodiles.


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